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HyLoft 01031

HyLoft 01031 Folding Storage Loft Review

The HyLoft 01031 Folding Storage Loft is regarded as an effective storage solution that many household owners use to properly store the seasonal tires and reduce the amount of wasted space inside their garage.

The product is designed to store bulky recreational or track tires and wheels. When properly mounted in place, the loft can accommodate up to 4 standard sized vehicle tires and free some space in the garage, which the owner can use to store other valuable items.

It can also be used as a folding workbench or for storing other objects, such as bulk products, totes, boxes and bikes.

Many buyers liked the HyLoft 01031 Folding Storage Loft since it comes with a wall-mounted and foldable design. It can be easily installed on finished and unfinished walls. It is sold along with a number of studs that are responsible for keeping the loft attached on the wall.

It is made of high-grade and durable materials that allow it to carry heavy loads, without having to worry that it might collapse or break anytime.


  • Has dimensions of 28x48x28 inches
  • Weighs about 16 pounds
  • Wall mounted and foldable
  • Mounted on the wall using studs and screws
  • Has an adjustable width from 32 to 48 inches
  • Made entirely of durable and high-grade steel


  • Highly durable
  • Lightweight
  • Can carry a maximum load of 300 pounds
  • Can be folded out of the way when not in use
  • Can be used to store seasonal tires, bulk materials and boxes
  • Can be used as a folding workbench
  • Mounted on walls and makes use of free space


  • Easily gets out of stock
  • Not available for shipping in some countries
  • Not sold along with a warranty


By looking at the information provided above, the HyLoft 01031 Folding Storage Loft can actually be considered as a good solution in freeing some space in a crowded garage, since it can carry different kind of objects when properly mounted on the wall.

Although the product has a number of disadvantages, it still remains as a top option among buyers as evidenced by the high customer satisfaction rating it obtained. On top of that, the loft only costs about $44.96, which is very much compensated by the benefits it provides.


There are other similar products that are sold on the market at present. But, the most popular of these are the Michelin 01001 Multi-Tire Rack Storage and the Gladiator GarageWorks GAWA45SFTG 45-Inch GearLoft Shelf. Both of these brands are designed to organize things in the garage to free some space.

Some of their features are quite similar to that of the HyLoft 01031 Folding Storage Loft, but also offer a number of characteristics that made them as the most favored options among other buyers.

The Michelin 01001 Multi-Tire Rack Storage just like the HyLoft 01031 is designed for storing seasonal and recreational tires that are not in use, but can also be used for storing boxes and bulk materials in the garage. It has the dimensions of 60×28.5×20 inches and weighs about 51.8 pounds.

It can be mounted on finished and unfinished walls by using screws and studs. It is made of high-grade steel with durable powder coated paint finish. The product comes with a highly adjustable width that can be tweaked from 34 to 60 inches. With its durable construction, it is capable of handling a maximum load weight of up to 400 pounds.

Many garage owners also view the Gladiator GarageWorks GAWA45SFTG 45-Inch GearLoft Shelf as their top option. The product might not be used for storing unused tires, but is tested to effectively take charge of stowing seasonal items, totes and coolers.

It comes with dimensions of 46.8x21x1.7 inches and weighs about 17 pounds. It is made of heavy-duty welded steel and can carry up to 50 pounds of load.


Out of the three products discussed above, the HyLoft 01031 Folding Storage Loft is the best option for garage owners since it comes with a budget-friendly price, a durable construction and a versatile design.

Although the Michelin product comes with almost similar features that the HyLoft has, the latter is still a better alternative since it can be folded when not in use, and has a cheaper price. In addition to that, the HyLoft’s 300-pound weight limited is also not that low compared to the Michelin’s 400 pound since the price difference between them is very high.

The HyLoft 01031 Folding Storage Loft is also a good option compared to the Gladiator GarageWorks GAWA45SFTG 45-Inch GearLoft Shelf since the former can be used to store tires and the latter cannot.

The HyLoft is also cheaper and can carry a heavier load compared to the GAWA45SFTG. Finally, the HyLoft has an adjustable width, is more lightweight, and can be folded, so as not to consume space when not in use.

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