The Best Pegboard

Pegboards are freakin awesome!

As organization geeks we suggest pegboards for frequently used items. Since you can easily see and put things back into their proper place – you’ll do it more often – right 😉

Asking what’s the best pegboard is kinda hard to answer since pegboards can be used for a variety of tasks all of which might mean a different pegboard is better suited. Generally speaking we recommend Wall Control for most situations. It’s not the cheapest but it’s surprisingly close. For the quality you get you really can’t beat it.

What to look out for

Hooks falling out

One of the drawbacks for pegboards is the hooks often fall out. Which is REALLY frustrating. The problem is more about the hooks than the pegboard, although the older MDF style pegboard holes will enlarge over time because the material is soft. Read more about the best pegboard hooks below.

Mounting and installation

Most pegboards are created to mount on 16 inch centers so that they match up with the studs inside your walls. The MDF styles pegboards don’t have mounting holes. No problem though since you can screw through any place in the board. In many ways it is actually easier because there will be situations where your walls do not have studs every 16 inches.

MDF pegboard installation consideration: Since they are flat panels you’ll have to create an offset to push the pegboard off the wall. A frame around the pegboard , or the offset can be made of strips of wood which is not hard to do but if you are not handy you are probably better off buying a plastic or metal pegboard.

How much does pegboard cost?

Since pegboard comes in all sizes we did the hard work (thank us later) and calculated square foot pricing. We were surprised to find Dorman plastic was the most expensive and Wall Control Pegboard was mid priced. The cheapest pegboard is the Triton which you can get on Amazon or local big box stores. Surprisingly it is only slightly less expensive than Wall Control.

Product Size Sq Ft Price
Price per square ft
Dorman 16×16 1.78 $22.00 $12.36
Triton Plastic pegboard 22×18 2.75 $25.00 $9.09
WallPeg Plastic Pegboard 24×64 10.6 $60.00 $5.66
Wall Control (2 panel pack) 32×32 7.11 $34.99 $4.92
Triton MDF pegboard 48×42 14 $61.55 $4.40
Home Depot 24 in. H x 42 in. W Pegboard 2-Pack Brown 48×42 14 $56.00 $4.00


Pegboard Reviews

Dorman Hardware 29993 Plastic Pegboard

Dorman Hardware 29993 Pegboard, 16-Inch X 16-Inch
353 Reviews
Dorman Hardware 29993 Pegboard, 16-Inch X 16-Inch
  • Built-in standoffs
  • Easy installation
  • Mounts on 16 in stud centers
  • Fusion Lock ensures a perfect mount when you add another pegboard left or right, above or below
  • Perfect for any room in the house

The Dorman pegboard is very versatile. It has a weight capacity of 50 pounds, thereby enabling you to hang heavy tools without worrying. The ¼-inch holes also accept all the standard accessories so that any hooks kit will work. Molded plastic pegboard provides a sturdy pegboard option that works well for many different needs. Boards measure 16 x 16 inches, and up to four boards can be mounted next to each other with space in between if necessary. This pegboard can support 50 pounds and accept standard accessories due to their ¼-inch recessed holes. The pegboard is suitable for houses, gardens, and garages. You can also mount it in your kid’s room if you want. Each board is 16 x 16 inches, but you can fit multiple boards next to each other if you want a larger area. The mounting process is easy enough for anyone to do it, thanks to the board’s built-in spacers. However, the board comes without screws, so you’ll have to buy those separately.

It’s plastic finish isn’t the most appealing but this pegboard is a versatile and sturdy product, which can be used in various situations.

  • Cost Per Square Foot: $12.25 per square ft
  • Standoff: 3/4-inch
  • Hole diameter: 1/4″


  • Small square size makes it easy to customize
  • Sturdy build
  • Plastic pegboards won’t rust


  • Not that cheap when compared to other options
  • No attaching screws included
  • Kind cheap looking in our opinion

Wall Control Galvanized Steel Pegboard (Best pegboard winner)

Wall Control 30-P-3232GV Galvanized Steel Pegboard Pack
  • More than ten times stronger than conventional pegboard and 32in Tall x 16in
  • Galvanized steel pegboard panels accept slotted, stable, and more secure hooks, pegs, brackets, and shelves
  • Steel panel prevents the pegboard holes from fraying and wearing out over time. For mounting into concrete, we would recommend using Blue TapCon screws or equivalent
  • Steel pegboards are constructed with a pre-formed 3/4-inch flange that separates the panel storage surface from the wall
  • Pegboard panels mount directly into studs or sheet rock with no framework required

If you’re mounting the pegboard to organize your garage, the Wall Control galvanized steel metal pegboard may be an ideal option for you. It’s a heavy-duty metal pegboard that works great for heavy tools. You can use it to mount lawn tools and heavy hardware. Upon purchasing, you get two pegboards that measure 16 x 32 inches. You have the choice to mount them end-to-end or next to each other. They feature a flange design that allows you to hang them safely on the wall. Each board has a weight capacity of 200 pounds, which is impressive for the price tag they come with. The pegboards are made of high-quality metal that accepts all kinds of accessories. It’s also galvanized for an extra protective finish.

  • Cost Per Square Foot: Wall Control 7.11ft² = $4.92 per square ft
  • Standoff: 3/4-inch
  • Hole diameter: 1/4″


  • Very competitively priced against other options
  • High weight capacity
  • Durable metal build
  • Flange design for easier mounting
  • Great high-end look
  • Color options (powder coated)
  • Metal pegboard holes won’t warp overtime
  • Great selection of accessories from Wall Control and accepts standard accessories as well
  • Galvanized steel means no rust if you are using them in the garage


  • Standard hooks lean forward: “Normal” pegboard has an inherent thickness to it (generally 1/4″). This system is has much less thickness, probably closer to 1/32″. So using hooks & accessories made for old fashioned pegboard systems that were built for that 1/4″ thickness leaves you with accessories that tend to lean forward as they hold an item. This is easily remedied by buying Wall Control vertical slat style accessories although they will be a bit more expensive. You can buy regular hooks and accessories but they may lean forward a slight bit. 
  • The screws included aren’t enough

Triton HDF Wall Ready White Pegboards (runner up)

Triton Products (PEG2-WHT) Wall Ready White Pegboards (2) 24 in. W x 42 in. H x 1/4 in. D Heavy-Duty High Density Fiberboard Round Hole Pegboards with Mounting Hardware
229 Reviews
Triton Products (PEG2-WHT) Wall Ready White Pegboards (2) 24 in. W x 42 in. H x 1/4 in. D Heavy-Duty High Density Fiberboard Round Hole Pegboards with Mounting Hardware
  • Keeps tools organized around your workshop, warehouse, or any tool storage areas
  • Boards will not dry out and fray
  • HDF pegboard can be installed on any flat wall surface
  • Use with 70000 series DuraHook double-locking pegboard Hooks
  • Mounting hardware includes spacers so board does not sit flush onto the wall

This is a good to better than good option from Triton. This is very similar if not the same old school brown pegboard you get at local big box stores except it’s painted white. One consideration here is the material is a little soft.

  • Cost Per Square Foot: $4.40 per square ft
  • Standoff: Not sure but it does include spacers
  • Hole diameter: 1/4″ inch in diameter


  • Good price
  • White color is better than the ugly traditional brown
  • It’s your basic good old fashioned pegboard


  • The material is a little soft so holes get work out over time.
  • Because of softer material edges crack sometimes in shipping

Triton Durahook Pegboard (not recommended)

Triton Products (018) DuraBoard 2) 22 In. W x 18 In. H x 1/8 In. D White Polypropylene Pegboards with 3/16 In. Hole Size
464 Reviews
Triton Products (018) DuraBoard 2) 22 In. W x 18 In. H x 1/8 In. D White Polypropylene Pegboards with 3/16 In. Hole Size
  • Hole diameter is 3/16 In
  • Dura Board will never fade, dry out, crack or peel over time so it maintains holding capability over many years of use
  • Offers a professional looking pegboard system that can be cleaned without harming the board
  • Board surface is ideal for creating silhouettes of tools to be stored and managed allowing for easy tool identification
  • Use Triton 015 mounting spacer kit to mount Dura Board and eliminate the expense and hassle of wood framing

We stopped in our tracks with this one when we learned the holes are 1/8″ – non-standard holes. That means you’ll have a harder time finding hooks and accessories for this pegboard. Also, it doesn’t come with a stand off from the wall so you have to build one or buy brackets separately. There are better options for a better price.

  • Cost Per Square Foot: $9.09 per square ft
  • Standoff: None – purchase separately
  • Hole diameter: 3/16” inch in diameter

The 3 Best Hooks on the Market

Here, we’ll show you the best three pegboard hooks on the market that’ll go with any pegboard.

MADD Extra Thick 60pcs Pegboard Hooks

Extra Thick Pegboard Accessories Organizer Kit  | 1/4 Inch Peg Board Attachments  | Peg Board Hook Set and Pegboard Basket Set for Tools - Heavy Duty - Does Not Fall Out Off The Board
1,673 Reviews
Extra Thick Pegboard Accessories Organizer Kit  | 1/4 Inch Peg Board Attachments  | Peg Board Hook Set and Pegboard Basket Set for Tools - Heavy Duty - Does Not Fall Out Off The Board
  • HOOKS THAT DON'T FALL OUT. Up to 3x thick as competing products. Our 1/4 Inch Pegboard Attachments have a 0.21 inch thick diameter to fit your 1/4'' holed pegboard securely.
  • BASKETS THAT ALWAYS HANG STRAIGHT. Buying our baskets is a safe bet. We’ve added spacers to assure stability on every pegboard, regardless of thickness.
  • EXTREMELY HEAVY DUTY. Think sledgehammers and shovels, not just screwdrivers. Our peg board hook assortment weighs up to 3x more than competing pegboard hook sets!
  • STORE MORE. These hanging storage baskets have a square design, double peg attachments and thicker upper wire than competing wire baskets.
  • 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE - MaddTools are backed by 100% guarantee that you are fully satisfied with your product or receive your money back.

If you don’t want to run out of hooks anytime soon, this kit would be an excellent option to consider. It comes bearing 57 accessories, which is more than most kits offer. Besides, it comes at a relatively low price, which is a bonus. The low price doesn’t mean you’ll be getting a subpar quality. On the contrary, MADD’s hooks are extra-thick and durable. The manufacturers designed them for heavy-duty work. Thanks to the extra thickness, the hooks won’t fall out of the pegboard, unlike other hooks. They have a 0.21-inch diameter, which will fit just fine in standard pegboard holes. The hooks come in a basket that you can hang on the wall. That way, you can have it mounted beside the pegboard for easier access.


  • Suitable for heavy-duty work
  • Basket included in the purchase
  • Affordable
  • Slightly thicker than others which minimizes fall out


  • Some hooks arrive crooked

National Hardware CD8377 Pegboard Hooks

National Hardware S819-841 CD8377 51 Piece Peg Board Hook Kit in Zinc,51-Piece Kit
3,232 Reviews
National Hardware S819-841 CD8377 51 Piece Peg Board Hook Kit in Zinc,51-Piece Kit
  • Made for 1/8 inch and 1/4 inch pegboard
  • For use in garages, sheds, workshops and basements
  • Ideal for storage of tools, paint brushes, extension cords and athletic equipment
  • Note: This kit is for standard peg boards and there may be differences based on the brand and material type users are using

The National Hardware hooks are highly versatile; you can fit them in ¼ and ⅛ inch pegboard holes. The set comes with every accessory you’ll need for workshops, basements, and garages. You can mount heavy tools on them, and they won’t budge. The hooks are made of polycarbonate, and they’re coated with zinc for extra durability. Additionally, they come in a wide color range so that you can take your pick. Despite all that, the hook kit is budget-friendly. The hooks are thick and sturdy; they won’t fall out of the pegboard holes, even if you hang heavy garden tools.


  • The hooks are highly durable
  • Plastic holders included
  • Different sizes of hooks available


  • The plastic holders are hard to use

Neiko 53100A 4-Inch Pegboard Hooks

NEIKO 53100A 4” Pegboard Hook Organizer Kit | 50 Pack | Hanging Hooks Set for Garage Organization | Great for Wall Hanging and Shelving, Tool Storage, Craft Organizing
9,096 Reviews
NEIKO 53100A 4” Pegboard Hook Organizer Kit | 50 Pack | Hanging Hooks Set for Garage Organization | Great for Wall Hanging and Shelving, Tool Storage, Craft Organizing
  • [HANGING ORGANIZERS]: These hanging hooks fit all types of 1/4” peg boards with 1” spacing to organize and store a wide range of power, hand tools, household cleaning supplies, painting supplies, extension cords, retail product displays, tapestry hangers and much more.
  • [DURABLE]: The peg board tool hooks are made of heavy duty hardened steel and provide maximum strength and longevity and can last for years with continued use.
  • [NICKEL-PLATED FINISH]: The nickel plating is meant for a superior look and feel as well as promote reduced wear and tear on your hooks.
  • [EASY INSTALLATION]: Each pegboard wall organizer kit can be utilized to arrange and rearrange hooks, add, or substitute to organize for your garage storage needs and more.
  • [VERSATILE]: This organizer set can be used for the shop, garage, tool sheds, basements and much more. Line your pegboards along the walls or in any location to efficiently create room in your workspace or home.

When it comes to durability, the Neiko hooks are hard to match. They’re made out of steel, and they have a nickel finishing, which gives them a sleek shiny look. Upon purchasing, you get 50 hooks, which means you won’t be repurchasing hooks anytime soon! The steel build makes the hooks much more durable than similar accessories. Plus, the nickel finishing is corrosion-resistant. You’ll be able to hang heavy items as much as you want. The hooks are also ideal for holding wires, cords, and similar supplies. The hooks are L-shaped to offer enough space for multiple tools. They’re also multipurpose; you can use them to hang a variety of items, whether they’re household or garden tools.


  • Suitable for heavy-duty work
  • Corrosion-resistant finishing
  • Multi-purpose


  • Users reported that they’re not suitable for metal pegboards

The Final Verdict

So what’s the best pegboard? Remember we said the best pegboards are situation specific but as a general rule we feel Wall Control Pegboard is worth the slight bit more money for A LOT of reasons, features it provides, durability etc. Certainly the best pegboards for garage use like tools where peg hooks need to support for much weight. It provides the most accessories like shelves to store stuff. They are just as easy to install, can handle small or heavier tools, can use pegboard hooks from any manufacturer and use the custom hooks made by Wall Control. Further, the galvanized steel or powder coated colors are sleek looking and easy to clean and durable – just wipe. In order to get colors on any other pegboard you’d have to paint it which isn’t a huge problem. Although you’re never going to get as smooth a finish as factory. So if you are looking for a sleek looking garage workshop or kids room or whatever, Wall Control is the way to go. We like it so much we did a separate review here. If you are really price sensitive the Triton white is still a good option is a bit cheaper pegboard panel system. The HDF system is durable but as we’ve already described the holes will wear out over time. Not much of a problem for lighter tools but were you have heavier tools it will push down on the fibers of the panel and make the hole slightly larger which makes it easier for the pegs to fall out.  Our top pick for pegboards is the Wall Control 30-P-3232GV Galvanized Steel Pegboard Pack. It’s affordable, durable, and easy to mount. On top of that, the high weight capacity is highly useful for heavy tools. You can use it for your garden or garage tools. As for the hooks, our favorite kit is the NEIKO 53100A 4” Pegboard Hook Organizer Kit | 50 Pack | Hanging Hooks Set for Garage Organization | Great for Wall Hanging and Shelving, Tool Storage, Craft Organizing. The hooks are L-shaped, which gives you enough space to hang multiple tools at once. Besides, they’re corrosion-resistant and durable. Plastic pegboards aren’t that much cheaper so we kinda ruled them out. They are lighter weight that all others so in some circumstances like trade shows they may be the best pegboards.

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