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Best Tool Chest Reviews and More

Best Tool Chest Reviews and More

When it comes to a lot of minor or major home repair and renovation works, one of things you have to consider having for your own home is a tool chest.

It is not hard to find at all, given that most supermarket stores and hardware shops have a wide array of either basic equipment you can find in a tool chest, empty tool chests for you to buy and then fill with the materials of your choice, or even a complete chest with all the necessary tools and compartments!

What matters is that, at the end of the day, you’re able to effectively store your tools, including hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches, nuts and bolts, and the like, in a single container, thus saving you the hassle of having to look for your tools whenever a major or minor house repair of any sort needs to get done.

Given this very broad array of options, how then are you supposed to pick the best tool chest to make your purchase worthwhile? Here are some of the properties of the best tool chest, along with some recommendations.

Light-Weight but Sturdy

Much of the weight of the toolbox should only be contributed by what’s inside, and not the tool box itself. It’s therefore best to choose toolboxes made from light alloys or sturdy plastic or fiberglass to make sure that this goal is achieved.


Given that repairs can happen in any part of the house, and that carrying around several tools at home or going to where the toolkit is every time you need it can be a daunting task, having a portable tool kit can come in handy. This option is made possible by the toolbox either having a firm grip and solid lock to prevent tools from spilling out when carried, or buying a toolkit that comes equipped with sturdy wheels.

Plenty of Compartments with Different Sizes

The more tools the tool chest can hold, the better choice it will be for a compartment. Some tool chests are constructed in such a way that its compartments have the same sizes. This is a great disadvantage, as this would leave a lot of tools not being able to fit. To help counter this, it’s best to choose a tool chest with several differently sized compartments.

Best Tool Chest Choices

Excel 26-Inch Steel Top Chest

The TB2105X-Blue model comes equipped with 5 sliding drawers designed for the smooth opening and closing of compartments, recessed side handles that help facilitate mobility, a set of full-length pulling aluminum drawers that allow you to store a lot of tools.

It also features a lock equipped with two keys for maximum security, and a steel body that is powder-coated, thus preventing rust and other forms of degradation, guaranteeing you not just a safe tool chest, but one that is built to last.

WEN Tool Chest and Cabinet Combo

The Wen Tool Chest is one of the best tool chests you can find. The 77041 41-inch silver model is one that is equipped with 17,695 cubic inches of space for storage. It also has 12 drawers, with an upper chest of 17.1 inches in depth, and an 18.3 inch-deep cabinet.

It is capable of storing tools with a collective weight of 100 lbs, twice as much as a lot of tool chests. The full-length Aluminum drawer pulls also leave you assured that as much space as possible can be utilized.

Viper Tool Storage Steel Tool Chest

This option is one of the toughest chests around, as it is made of 18G rated steel. It is also capable of storing 100 lb of tools, has a cam lock, two side handles which make lifting it much easier to do, and it also has a powder-coated finish, thus preventing rust of any sort.

It is also equipped with a lifetime warranty. It is also capable of storing tools in 9 compartments. The V4109BLC 41-Inch is one of the best tool chest options on the market.

DEWALT TSTAK I Long Handle Toolbox Organizer

This is one of the coolest, most innovative tool chests around. It has a platform that is flexible, and thus allows for different storage combinations. The storage systems could also be stacked on top of the other, and be connected with strong side latches.

The covered cups are removable, and the slides are ball-bearing, allowing for a smooth sliding mechanism for the drawers. It is also composed of heavy-duty metal hinges and latches, and thus you can be assured of its quality.

Stanley STST19410 One-Latch Toolbox

The Stanley brand has always been a popular one when it comes to tools and anything that has to do with tools. This tool chest can easily be carried on one hand, and comes equipped with a latch that allows you to open the toolbox without having to use both hands. It could also automatically shut down and has smaller compartments on the lid for small items, such as pins, nails, screws, and small pliers.

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