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Holeyrail Garage Organizer Review

Holeyrail Garage Organizer Review

The Holeyrail Garage Organizer is reliable tool that you can conveniently use to organize your own garage to make it pleasant to the eyes and save a lot of space. This is because the garage organizer comes with a specialized design, which enables it to be used to store a lot of stuff that is usually found lying on the floor or stowed in the corner of the garage.

The product does this by keeping some of the most common household equipment like brooms, ladders, and spades in an upright position to minimize the amount of space utilized, and allow the storage of other valuable items inside the garage.

Aside from that, the Holeyrail Garage Organizer can also help you keep a lot of personal items that are not usually used, but might be useful in the near future or in dealing with unusual situations. Since the organizer effectively holds the said items in place and in groups, this will definitely make the search for certain objects when they are needed more convenient.


  • Has dimensions of 48x1x4 inches
  • Weighs about 6 pounds
  • Each package comes in 2 piece, 4 foot sections
  • Comes with holes where Peg hooks and the 10” PegStrappers ™ are attached
  • Made of high-grade steel


  • Durable and lightweight
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • Makes use of pre-plated steel
  • Scratch and rust proof
  • Can be mounted on walls in minutes
  • Sold along with the mounting hardware
  • Comes with the 10” PegStrappers™ that locks the peg hooks
  • Sold at a lower price
  • Can handle up to 600 pounds of load


  • Not sold along with the needed peg hooks
  • Might not be available for international shipping
  • Not backed by a warranty


By looking at the information provided above, the Holeyrail Garage Organizer has its own strengths and weaknesses. However, the product obviously provides a lot of benefits and the undesirable issues thrown against it are very tolerable.

In addition to that, positive reviews and high customer ratings it obtained, clearly attest that this is something household owners who wish to organize their garage, attics and basements to save space should have at a price of $29.95.


Although the Holeyrail Garage Organizer proves to be a good solution for organizing items that are usually left scattered inside the garage, many buyers are also considering other similar products and the most significant of these are the Rough Rack 4×4 Tool and the SureLock Tool Organizer.

Both of the products offer some of the features provided by the Holeyrail and these are among the most significant reasons why many buyers consider these as their other best options.

The Rough Rack 4×4 Tool is also regarded as a useful organizer tool since it is designed to conveniently store shovels, rakes, brooms and ladders. This can also be used to stow other household equipment in upright position to save more space.

The product is made in the USA, has dimensions of 48x3x12 inches and weighs about 16 pounds. It comes with a wall mounted design that makes it ideal for use in garage, attics and other strategic areas inside the house.

The SureLock Tool Organizer, just like the two products discussed earlier, is also regarded as an effective storage tool. It comes with dimensions of 20x6x1 inches and weighs about a pound. It features a unique design that does not hold the items, such as the common household tools, but also locks them tightly in place.

The product is equipped with 5 of the company’s patented SureLock SpringLocks that provides a safety spring locking action. It can be conveniently mounted on the wall and fitted with the two gravity spring locking arms that automatically adjust to the size and weight of the handle of the objects that are stored in it.

The product can also be used along with the permanently attached peg hooks, which are useful in allowing it to provide an ample amount of storage capacity.


Despite the fact that the Rough Rack 4×4 Tool and the SureLock Tool Organizer were able to prove that they can be considered as effective storage tools for the garage, many buyers still opt to go for the Holeyrail Garage Organizer due to a number of reasons.

First off, the Holeyrail Garage Organizer is sold at a price which is very low compared to that of the other two.

Second, it is more versatile since it can be used to store or hold a multitude of items and is not only intended for household tools.

Third, the Holeyrail Garage Organizer is more durable and capable of handling up to 600 pounds of load.

Finally, the Holeyrail’s version is more convenient to install and does not require the use of complex drilling equipment.

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