How To Organize Books On Kindle Fire?

The Kindle Fire makes a very useful device for many applications including music, browsing, productivity, videos, etc. The original Kindle was designed for books.

You can also read and find the latest books. However, if you’re a passionate reader, then you probably know that organization isn’t very convenient.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t provide a way to organize your books. Therefore, it’s harder to handle your books. This is where apps like the Book Collection step in and save the day. Apps like these can help you manage your Kindle books with ease in folders and subfolders.

The app has a user-friendly interface and allows users to manage their books effortlessly. It searches and automatically adds the books and pdf files, so it’s practical.

You can also organize your Kindle books into categories and sort them by title, author, publication date, etc. In today’s article, I will teach you other tricks, so let’s begin.

How To Organize Kindle Books?

As I already suggested, you can install another app that will help you organize Kindle books with ease such as the Book Collection. With apps like these, you can enjoy many great features.

They add pdf files and enable organization. You can even alter the title and other details of the pdf files without touching the name of the file. Thus, if you prefer reading pdf files, the Book Collection makes a great choice for you. It will make your life easier and get your favorite books in order.

The best part? You can also modify the book data and add the location of your last reading. Now, let’s take a look at other interesting ways you can organize your books in your Kindle library.

Remove everything you don’t need

I highly suggest that you remove any book that you’ve already read or you no longer want in your Kindle Fire. Locate everything that’s no longer needed and press the “remove from device” option.

Sort your books

The organization method you choose depends on your personal preferences. However, most people like the “most recent” option because it puts the most recent books in front. Others prefer the “title” sorting so that they can search by first letter/A-Z. What method do you prefer? Drop a comment below!

Filter by document type

Whether or not you’re subscribed for Kindle Unlimited, depending on the type of Kindle you purchased, your library will be substituted by different document types. When you open your Kindle app, press the “Actions” option in the top left corner and pick “Sync to Device”.

Create collections (folders)

You can also take advantage of Kindle collections (folders). If you’re reading a few books from the same series, however, if you’ve bought multiple, it can get confusing to locate each novel. If you already made a Kindle collection for the series, it enables you to select “All” and view them all in one place.

If you’re going through multiple Kindle books at the same time, there’s also a useful option called “Add to the existing collection” that you can use to add your books and keep them organized.

Search your Kindle library

If you have novels in various categories, sometimes finding the right search term can be a challenge. So, if you’re looking for mystery books, you can try terms like “mystery” or “mysteries”. You might obtain all of your fiction and certain non-fiction novels about mystery stories.

Use reading lists

With reading lists, you can easily store novels that you haven’t gone through yet but plan on doing so in the future. Organizing all your books by your reading lists will make it a lot easier to locate them in other parts of your Kindle library.

Change organization settings

Organizing your stuff is always a good idea that will give you a sense of control. It’s also easy to organize things on your Kindle app or Kindle device. Just open the “Settings” option on the home page and you will spot a “Organize Your Library” option.

If you have a lot of novels that you still haven’t read, it’s a good idea to choose “Re-Download” and let your Kindle device put everything in order.

Keep your books organized

As I already stated, keeping your Kindle books well-organized is a smart choice. Organizing is very easy if you have a plan on how to sort them out. For instance, you can organize them by title, genre, author, or publication date right from the home page. I usually organize my books by the time I read them.

Pick one of the ways to organize your Kindle books and start right away. You will not only prevent a whole mess of books but also make it easier to find certain things in no time, so keep your books organized.

How To Delete Books From Your Kindle Library?

The very first step to getting a large Kindle library in order is deleting unnecessary Kindle books. I know that removing books makes most book lovers sick and unimaginable.

However, Kindle has a great option that will save the day. Purchased books deleted from the unit aren’t really gone. Meaning, they’re still present in your Kindle account.

Therefore, you can easily download them whenever you want to reread them in the future. If this makes you feel better about deleting books you finished or you don’t enjoy anymore, go ahead and do so. Start your organization by removing unnecessary things in your library.

First and foremost, select your library from the home screen to gain access to your books. Kindle will list your downloaded Kindle books by default, both in the cloud and on the unit.

Then, select “Downloaded” on the upper left of the home screen. That way, you will view the books kept on your Kindle. Further, select “Sort” to the upper right and pick either “List” or “Grid” to customize how all your novels will be displayed. I personally prefer the Grid setting.

The Grid mode helps me easily recognize novels by their covers, whereas the List mode seems to enable quicker scrolling but doesn’t load thumbnails. Therefore, the List mode makes a better option for going through larger book collections. What mode works better for you?

No matter which one you pick, the next step is finding the books you want to remove. In List mode, pick the three-dot icon right of the book title and remove the book. In the Grid mode, choose the book cover and press “Remove From Device” from the menu that appears.

Continue the same process with the other books that you want to be removed. Once you’re done, scroll down and learn how to make collections for your other Kindle books.

How To Make Kindle Collections?

Kindle collections represent virtual folders into which you can organize books by subject, genre, author, date of publication, and other details.

As you scroll through your books, you will likely get different grouping ideas. I usually separate my books into those I’ve read and those I want to read in the future.

However, you can let your imagination run wild and create various collections that will help you sort out all your books and help you get around your library easily.

You can create collections in 3 ways including on the Amazon website, called Kindle Cloud Collections, in the Kindle app, and on the Kindle itself.  

Kindle Cloud Collections

Making a Cloud Collection on the Amazon site is fairly easy! Just visit your account menu and pick “Your Content and Devices”. You will get a list of your downloaded books.

Then, click “Show Collections” from the drop-down menu at the top left of the display. Pick “Create New Collection” and provide a name like “Mystery”, “To Read”, or “To Read in the Future”.

Now, pick the “Create New Collection” option. Go back to the show drop-down menu and pick “Books”. You will notice every book in your library displayed in a list. If you want to add new books to the list, pick the three-dot option next to a book and choose “Add to Collections” from the menu.

A new window will pop up from which you can pick a collection that you’ve previously created or create a new one. Lastly, select the “Add to Collection” option to add your book.

Kindle App

The Kindle app for iOS, Android, Mac, and PC also offers the option to make and add collections. They all have different variations. However, the steps for making a collection aren’t complex.

For instance, if you’re utilizing the Android app, simply launch it and select the “Library” option from the toolbar. Then, long-press the downloaded books you want to add to your new collection.

You will view a new toolbar at the top of the screen displaying the “Share”, “+” sign, and three-dot icons. Select “+” and once a new window pops up, pick the box next to the collection to which you want to add the book. Then, select “Done” to get back to your library. As you can see, it’s simple!


Although using collections on your Kindle isn’t that convenient, it’s still practical and relatively easy. Just pick “Your Library” from the home screen. Then, select the three-dot icon in the upper right and choose “Create New Collection”. Now, name your collection however you want and press ”OK”.

You can add a new book to your collections very easily. Just visit your library and pick the book that you want to add. Then, long-press the book and pick “Add to Collection” from the window that shows up and pick the box next to the preferred collection. What’s your preferred option and why?

How To Use The Kindlian or Calibre Desktop Organizers?

Last but not least, I want to talk about desktop organizers like Calibre and Kindlian that can help you sort out your books with great ease and make your library more visually appealing.

Back in the day, you could organize your books on your Kindle unit utilizing one of these popular desktop organizers. However, that’s no longer possible because Amazon closed off the firmware.

Still, these tools can come in handy when organizing your library. As I already mentioned, you can either use Kindlian that’s compatible with Windows only. Or Calibre that’s compatible with Linux, Mac OS, and Windows. Connect your Kindle to your PC via USB and let the desktop organizer operate.

The desktop organizer will display all your books in a full-color and elegant interface. But here’s the real kicker. You can even edit your books’ metadata and sort them out by author, format, etc.

With the help of these desktop organizers, your whole library will remain neat and organized. However, unfortunately, you can’t enjoy these benefits on your Kindle itself, only on your computer.

Still, your library will be more visually appealing and a lot easier to handle. You can use these organizers to transfer novels to and from your Kindle, as well as side-load books you obtain from other places such as Amazon. What’s your opinion on desktop organizers? Share your thoughts below!

Wrap Up

You can easily download and read books on Kindle Fire. However, organizing your library can be difficult and time-consuming if you have a plethora of books and don’t know where to begin.

Unfortunately, there’s no tagging system or folder structure that will help you create some sort of order in your library. Fortunately, I’ve provided other ways that can help you achieve great results.

For instance, you can take advantage of the collections. It’s a way of organizing books into logical groups on the screen of your device. However, this option isn’t perfect. Meaning, it’s hard to handle.

You can’t just drag and drop your book, even if your Kindle features a touchscreen. Instead, you have to open each book and place it in your new collection individually which can be time-consuming.

Now, if you’re a patient person, this won’t be a huge issue for you. However, if you have a short temper like me, you might want to try the alternative options mentioned throughout this article.

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