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Seville Classics Commercial 7-Shelf 22-Bin Rack Storage System Review

Seville Classics Commercial 7-Shelf 22-Bin Rack Storage System Review

The Seville classics storage bin rack is a durable patented mobile storage system that is a must-have in any home or office. The NSF Certified Seville Classics Commercial Bin Rack Storage System comprises seven steel shelves and twenty-two heavy duty plastic storage bins.

Seville Classics Commercial 7-Shelf 22-Bin Rack Storage System may be moved on four 3” heavy duty castor wheels reinforced with ball bearings. Two of the wheels lock for additional sturdiness. If you require the storage unit to be installed in a fixed position, the legs may be levelled, thus reinforcing improbability. The bins have a feature where the bins slide.

Features of the Seville classics storage bin rack

The specifications of the storage unit are as follows:

Total weight: 60lbs

Dimensions: 36”W x 14”D x 56”H.

The drawers come in three convenient sizes, medium, large and extra-large:

  • medium: 5 ½”W x 14”D x 5 ½”H
  • large: 10 ½”W x 14”D x 7”H
  • extra large: 16”W x 14”D x 7”H

The unit is shipped with 3 bin dividers but additional dividers may be purchased separately, allowing for storage of smaller items in their own compartments. Additional storage bins may also be purchased.

Being certified by the NSF ensures the bin rack shelving system is safe for use in most environments. The patented design means the unit offers unique advantages over similar systems. In terms of customer feedback, this product was far superior when compared to similar products.

Pros of Seville classics storage bin rack

Customer feedback was fundamentally positive for the Seville Classics Commercial 7-Shelf 22-Bin Rack Storage System in that it

  • is easily and quickly assembled
  • can be assembled using only basic handyman tools
  • lives up to its advertised strength and stability
  • is mobile on strong castor wheels with ball bearings
  • allows for easy identification of contents with bin labels included
  • is convenient to use with three storage compartment sizes
  • allows smaller items to be stored easily using compartment dividers
  • contains bins of substantial quality
  • may be levelled with foot levelers (included) if unit is not to be moved
  • has two chocks on the underside of the drawers to prevent them being pulled out too far
  • will withstand temperature variations
  • bins slide which can make extracting material really convenient
  • The construction is made to with work with industrial-strength steel

Cons of Seville classics storage bin rack

  • comprised mostly shipping issues, e.g. when the unit was not handled with due care and the contents were damaged
  • Some customers requested the unit as a gift but the package was delivered unwrapped, thus spoiling the surprise element
  • total weight capacity of the unit is not included in the specifications of the product


Despite relatively minor concerns, the unit was generally regarded as being of good quality. The Seville Classics Commercial 7-Shelf 22-Bin Rack Storage System, NSF Certified, can be used in a variety of environments.

Although the storage unit is advertised for commercial use, e.g. in offices, study areas, retail settings and any industry where easily accessible, reliable storage is required, it may also be used at home.

Having the choice of using it as a mobile or fixed unit adds convenience of use to the product

Common sense should be used to identify when the unit is at full storage capacity, as the total weight capacity is not mentioned.


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